Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lighten Up!

More than ever before, people want to make efficient use of their resources, reckless behaviour costs a lot of money. Whatever your motivation, there are many things that you can do to improve your home and reduce your ecological footprint at the same time.

Often, you may notice that your home is too dark in the evening. Even though you light up all the lamps and put them up at full power, you simply can’t see as well as you’d like. Poor lighting makes you feel sleepy, therefore you have no energy on an evening as well as causing eye strain.

Many individuals as a rule resort to buying bulbs with more output or even more lamps with more bulbs in them. Any new lamp you buy or stronger bulb you put in will have an influence on your pocket as they cost not only to buy, but to run as well.

To make your loft or house lighting more powerful you need to be looking at brightening up your home in other ways. To get the most of your light sources, you can make a small amount of minor alterations to save your dollars and learn how to benefit further from your home.

1. The most straightforward way to freshen up is to paint your property with bright colours. There are are a multitude of paints on the market that range from a dull to a bright colour scheme, even whites have different levels of brightness.

2. Painting may not be for every household or you may not have the time, so if your rooms have dark walls then look at replacing or renovating the furniture so it is a lighter colour. Items with a metallic finish are often useful for a dark room as it has a reflective surface unlike dark wood.

3. Place mirrors in strategic areas around the room or even around the entire building. As mirrors are so reflective they are a brilliant way of reflecting what small amounts of light you do have and give a certain ambience to a room.

4. If you aren’t up for repainting or buying new furniture, maybe you could look for things to clean up or dispose of from your living space. Clutter makes a room seem smaller and darker, keeping a minimalist appearance to a room could also improve its brightness.

5. Sometimes your drapes share a bit of the blame; pale curtains will throw more light back into the room than darker ones.

6. Look at the lighting you already keep in that room, as rearranging these could solve the difficulties, saving you time and money. Direct all bulbs to where you need light most and use existing mirrors and light surfaces to aid you increase the brightness of your room.