Monday, April 11, 2011

Fight In-House Air Pollution Easy And Green

Most people lack knowledge of a crucial fact: the air which stays inside our flats, schools and offices can be highly polluted. This may sound distressing, but no stress – there is a lot of trivial choices to purify the air in your flats.
My clients usually ignore the weight of air cleanness. Homeowners take it for granted that because their flats are clean, their indoor air is hygienic as well. However, light pollutants such as smoke, black mold spores, and skin particles can be extensive in even the cleanest of apartments. There are many air purifiers sold on the market, but if you’d rather go for a ecologic solution, we recommend the following options:

1. Green Plants
All vegetation are capable of expelling harmful particles from in-house atmosphere, test by NASA shows that certain purifying plants are remarkably efficient in expelling toxins and carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. A homeowner should have a purifying plants for every 9 sq m of living area. The more effective the purifying plants, the more air it can clean. The following purifying plants can be found in top: Janet Craig dracaena, English ivy, Australian sword fern, peace lily, rubber plant, and weeping fig.

2. Olatile oils
It was examined that distributing essential oils into the surroundings is one of the best options to sanitize the surroundings we live in. These essential oils boast certain antiseptic characteristics which aid to reduce chemicals and bacteria in the surroundings.

3. Beeswax
Standard paraffin candle sticks are made from petroleum sludge that intoxicates the surroundings every time you burn the candles. Candles made from natural wax, on the other hand, represent a great improvement over crude oil ones: when they are used, they cleanse the surroundings effectively , in the same time offering a wonderful honey odour, a calming and yellow fire. This is a wonderful solution for tall rooms - Toronto condos as an example

Natural wax is the only material able to produce negative ions, that help clean bacteria from the surroundings.

picture by DaraTSturm