Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weed Businesses Found - Toronto Sales Rep Put in Jail

As with all careers, sometimes you find that this is not for you and start looking out for for another occupation. In many of the properties he rented, Phu Nhi Trac decided to do just this, and started another job. This was no regular gardening pastime, but the biggest illegal marijuana operation in Canada.

With entry refused to her own house, a landlady took matters into her own hands and turned up at the rented house and blew the whistle on Trac's illegal farms. It was entirely empty, except of a collection of hoses leading to the basement, which was turned into a weed jungle. The owner expressed how distressed she was to find the illegal goings on in her property. No surprise there.

Just less than 30,000 plants were seized totalling $30 million when the police uncovered the other 53 businesses. Mr Trac was a managing head of a small group (including another real estate agent), which used fake IDs to swindle more than fifty house owners during years 2000-2002. And he was a skillful manager ? he was well informed about the growing process, studied the market prices and even tried to find franchises for his criminal activity.

Mr Trac, who's real estate license with Living Realty until it was cancelled last year, was sentenced to 14 years; with some terms to be served simultaneously it means he will spend 5 years behind bars. He didn't just get away with a jail sentence, he also was handed out a $1 million fine, which will make a big hollow in his wallet.

Eric Chan, ex-president of Living Realty, said Trac "never had any concern with his honesty and integrity and had won a important award for top producer of the branch office in the industrial commercial investment sector?.

Well, we have always encouraged you to take the process of picking an agent seriously. This type of issue is very uncommon and I would like to add gardening is not a regular hobby for a real estate agent in Toronto.