Monday, December 20, 2010

Key Green Events Of The Few Years

When we talk about events that affect the world we live in, two words are commonly used - green and environmental. Policies and marketing are are deluged with points of sustainability and renewable resources. What are a few of the most important developments, which made green lifestyle a hot topic for politicians, businessmen, scientists, and a high number of the western world citizens?
Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs

A simple green substitute to lighting is the CFL or compact fluorescent lamp, which has been designed to reduce the usage of the old, energy inefficient incandescent bulb. Using less power and having a longer life span while still giving the same light, these bulbs are an alternative bulb source for lots of us. On the other hand, just like all fluorescent lamps, CFLs also include mercury which makes their disposal more complex.
But saying that, they are more environmentally and purse friendly, as they last so much longer; even though the price is somewhat higher, you do not use as many.

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather is a name for weather incidents that are at the excesses of historical occurrence. Since 2000 many extreme weather occurrences have happened, these natural events starting with a surprising heat wave in Europe in 2003, through to earthquakes across Haiti in 2008. It is accepted that these disasters are only the start of it, with more problems coming our way, though many climatologists can't agree whether mankind is having a negative impact on the world we live in.

Renewable Energy
There are many renewable energy resources around from sunlight to geothermal heat; these resources are naturally occurring therefore the resource is never ending.

Growth of the use of these sources has advanced over the last decade and is the way forward for sustainable development of the future. We can no longer rely on the supplies we have at the moment to generate electricity and need to look in other directions to create it To cut emissions and find long term solutions to the supply, renewable energy is an significant part of our future.

Mexican Gulf Oil Tragedy
It is doubtful many of you will not know about a rather recent disaster, one that is still being felt worldwide - the Mexican Gulf oil spill. At 9:56pm CDT April 20, 2010, a large explosion occurred on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform. Indications that the oil spill was relatively minor were the first reports seen, but later those reports were revised to show that the spill was of immense proportions. The approximate amount of oil lost per day was quadrupled by the end of May, from 5,000 to up to 19,000; the size of the spill was escalating.
We may not hear about problems surrounding oil very often, but they are becoming more frequent, which is unacceptable news. Recent events raised questions once more - are we even capable of underwater oil drilling without threatening the environment substantially?

Becoming green is a matter of one's decision - everybody can decide for unique way. I am trying to be green Toronto condos agent. Can you imagine any solution for you?

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Monday, December 13, 2010

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