Monday, January 24, 2011

Supporting the Needy - From Residences to Lives

We say change is great, well volunteers made a big change; from organising where people live to lives. In 2006 volunteers began aiding the poor after years of owning a company called Artful Organizers, where she was a personal organizer.

The organization is a healthy or wealthy community that is embodied for the rejected and abused. The Sanctuary strives to help and support everyone regardless of the colour of your skin or your faith. The community has members from all walks of life, both sexes and a diverse age group, nobody is excluded. Each year the Sanctuary gives help to thousands of individuals, assisting about 500 different people each week.

An outreach team of 2 volunteers or staff go out into the community providing help and support on an individual's own turf, many who have previously been let down or ignored by others. There is also a drop in centre, a health clinic and rehab provided, the charity believes in helping the entire person, a holistic approach. Another thing the charity does is give employment training, which can only mean more relevant employment for people.

To celebrate Xmas, the Sanctuary has a massive Christmas feast which takes place each year. With Xmas gift bags, a feast, talent shows and a play, this is really a special time for all those involved. Through the warmer months there is a 5k walk and in September the charity puts on a music concert. Whilst donations are wanted, the charity hopes that those that donate will also become involved in other ways. The rich and the poor, the charity want to could the gap. Those that feel that they have no self worth left are helped to see that their life is worth something, thereby giving them back their dignity. To really help these people, time, a feeling of camaraderie and friendship are just a couple of things that make a difference to an individual previously shunned by society.

The charity is not a replacement for social services but an extra service set up to help. Here we have individuals who were living on the street and they are now living in a home. These people could not do it by themselves, therefore the Sanctuary has helped them find a home and furnish it.

To give you an idea on one of the success stories of this mission, is one of a female born in Toronto and grew up there. The foster care system is where this young baby ended up not long after her birth due to horrendous wrongdoings. This poor baby never stood a chance of a nice life when it began with a family member setting fire to her crib. Poor hygiene led to her grandmother seeing her covered in cockroaches. but she was sexually abused. She bounced from foster home to foster home and relationship to relationship, and she was addicted to many things she shouldn't. With support from quite a few people the woman is now moving forward with her life and has been a regular at the sanctuary for 4 years.

Julie Kinnear is GTA MLS professional and volunteering activist.

Monday, January 3, 2011

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Again, here is the summary of the top articles of previous month! Happy New Year everybody!

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