Saturday, March 14, 2009

Have you ever heard about TGS?

What is really TGS? It is Toronto Green Standard, actually meaning "designing buildings and landscapes that is more environmentally friendly. Achieving the targets set-out in the Toronto Green Development will help to improve air and water quality, reduce green house gas emissions and enhance the natural environment".

Is it possible for us to contribute to this goal? Yes of course! As a green Toronto realtor I always encourage people to follow some specific advice in order to save energy in their houses and help with sustainable development. It's the time we cared for our planet and support sustainable development. We do it not only for us but for future generations too... for our kids...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Architecture in Toronto

Having lived and worked for many years as a Toronto realtor, I am mostly impressed by the amazing cocktail of architectural styles in this city, varying from those developed in Europe - USA and brought in this lively capital to the unique "Bay-and-gable" and "The Annex" styles.

One of the most prominent buildings is the CN Tower which remains a symbol for Canada and it is one of the tallest free-standing structures in the world (533.33 metres). An interesting building is considered "The University of Toronto" that covers a wide range of different styles, from Victorian revival styles on campus to Collegiate Gothic and modern/ postmodern styles. Besides, the Royal Ontario Museum with enormous crystals rising dramatically five storeys from the street surface attracts the tourist attention.

As for the building material, bricks, cinder blocks and stone prevail. However, sandstone is historically a readily available building material with large deposits quarried from the Credit River Valley and it is the main material used in the unique Annex style house.

In general, Toronto strikes as a very beautiful city not only for an architect lusting for inspiration but also for tourists and inhabitants.