Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are the Proposed Changes to the Property Industry a Positive Move?

A poll says Canadian property agents are not in favour of deregulation. Many of 1,726 real estate agents polled by Royal LePage Real Estate Services believes the proposed changes to MLS represent a wrong way to improve the real estate industry.

The debate concerns for the most part the extent, to which the MLS listings should be administered only by accredited specialists. The overall belief amongst agents is that customer service and safeguards set up to protect a customer, are going to drop if there is an influx of amateur service providers. The housing market is already highly competitive according to most agents, with less than 2% replying there was no competition, within the housing brokerage market.

The survey also tried to find in what way real estate specialists help buyers and sellers in completing their transactions. There were many options given, but the essential three considerations were: Optimizing and protecting client's monetary well-being, completing the transaction in a timely manner and providing the full package of brokerage services. Barely 0.6% of polled professionals said, they never helped a client avoid financial or transactional problems. 51.4% declared they did so very 'often' and 37.1% 'often'. When looking at the market side of their responsibilities, the survey showed that realtors were out there in this area. Toronto MLS, open home, local advertising and own websites were frequently used by more than three quarters of of those polled.
Membership of Royal LePage for an average of 15 years was a frequent answer when realtors were directed to answer questions on professional development, along with visiting formal courses and seminars up to four times per year.

The Royal LePage Real Estate Advisors Survey was administered online in April 2010 and can be seen on the official website.

picture by SteveM_61